28" GMZ Sand Stripper Paddles on GMZ Casino Wheels

  • $ 999.99

The GMZ Sand Strippers are one of the most popular sand tires for UTVs due to its performance and price point. The GMZ Sand Strippers are 28" tires that feature 3 rib front tires and 14 paddle rears. These GMZ Sand Stripper tires come pre-mounted on 14" GMZ Casino wheels. The front wheels are 8" wide with a 4+4 offset while the rear wheels are 10" with a 5+5 offset. This setup with "0" offset wheels offers optimal floatation for dune rinding. Ensure you have plenty of traction while riding in the dunes with this extremely popular, cost effective sand tire setup from GMZ.


  • 28" Tires w/ 3-Rib Fronts and 14 Full Paddle Rears
  • 14" Casino Non Beadlock Wheels
  • 4+4, 8" Wide Fronts & 5+5, 10" Wide Rears
  • Black Lug Nuts Included

GMZ Sand Stripper sand tires were specifically built for larger SxS machines!  They feature a strong 6 ply rating and radial construction.  The rear paddle tires feature fourteen straight paddles.  The front tires feature 3 ribs for positive steering control.  This is one of the lightest tire/wheel combinations on the market!

The GMZ Casino wheels are cast aluminum wheels with milled accents, creating a billet center look.  Front wheels are 14x8 and the rear wheels are 14x10 to maximize tire width and flotation.  The offset on both front and back is +0, meaning the overall stance width will increase approximately 4" overall and provide additional stability on hills and slopes.


This listing is for a complete kit consisting of front and rear tires.  It is ready to bolt on and ride!

Tire & Wheel Kit includes:

  • (2) 28-12-14 GMZ Sand Stripper Front 3-Rib Tires
  • (2) 28-15-14 GMZ Sand Stripper HP Rear Paddle Tires
  • (2) GMZ Casino Wheels 14x8 4/110 4+4 (+0mm) Offset
  • (2) GMZ Casino Wheels 14x10 4/110 5+5 (+0mm) Offset
  • (16) Black Lug Nuts
  • Professional tire and wheel mounting

Tire Specifications:

Front Tires Rear Tires
 Tire Size:  28-12-14  28-15-14
 Construction:  Radial    Radial
 Design:  3 Rib  14 Paddle @ 1-1/8"
 Ply Rating:  6  6


Wheel Specifications:

Front Rear
 Wheel Size (dia x width):  14 x 8 14 x 10
 Bolt Pattern:  Varies with Machine Varies with Machine
 Offset:  4+4 (+0mm)  5+5 (0mm)

Compare the weights!

Front tire and wheel weight 34.0 lbs

Rear tire and wheel weight 36.2 lbs