Tribal Whips 3 ft. Aurora 3D-HD Multi-Color Whips (Amazing and Brilliant)

  • $ 154.95

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Aurora just got an upgrade!  We call it… Aurora 3D-HD -  The Aurora 3D uses 3 Multi-Color LED strings instead of 2.  You get 50% more light output and 360 degrees of visibility.  It looks amazing and we believe it’s one of our best designs ever. 

We guarantee that no other whip brand comes close to the quality and craftsmanship of the Aurora 3D!  If you're not completely satisfied with the Aurora 3D whips, you can return them for a refund.  

Two new animators to choose from - 1. RF Animator offers 7 colors and 125 animations, all controlled with a remote control, and 2. The Mystique Animator that's app controlled and offers 8 colors and includes 200 animations, plus a color wheel that let's you select from thousands of cool solid colors to match your ride, or your mood.

Available in 3 sizes (Diameters) - Standard (0.690"), XD (0.875"), and XXD (1.0") 

Add a 10 ft. 3 wire extension kit.  This kit is highly recommended for purchase with the Aurora LED lighted whips.  It allows for the power converter / Aurora Animator to be relocated somewhere more convenient for installation.  Aurora whips come with approximately 10 in. of distance between the whip and power converter / Aurora Animator as standard, (Add $17.50)


Today's technology makes it possible for us to create a seemingly endless array of colors, color combinations and animations sequences that look cool and allow you and your tribe to have something unique and different from the rest.

Aurora whips are sold in either single or dual whip bundles and include a starter animator filled with 125 different animations to get you going.  When you're ready to create your own personalized animator, you just call us and tell us what you want... we take it from there. 

Aurora is the only fully lighted whip that gives you this unique and personal experience that lets you have your whip, your way.

Aurora whips incorporate our proprietary quick connect/disconnect mount system and are completely environmentally sealed to protect against damage caused by mud, water, sand, dirt, wind, etc. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact and speak to one of our friendly customer service agents.  We're available Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm PST.  Phone or text: 801 367 1395.  Or you can contact us by email:  

The available fiberglass whip mounts are made from machined billet aluminum, hard anodized to resist corrosion, and complete with stainless steel hardware to attach it to your vehicle.  Sold seperately for $12.00 they include a fiberglass whip adapter, allowing you the ease of switching between fiberglass whips (1/4” or 5/16” dia.) and LED whips, within seconds, and without the use of tools. Switching between your fiberglass whips and an LED lighted whip is as simple as pulling a pin. (These will not work with XD and XXD series LED whips)

Single Kit Includes:

1 ea. 3 ft. Aurora 3D LED lighted whip

1 ea. Power converter / Animator

1 ea. RF wireless remote control

1 ea. Whip mount kit

1 ea. 18 in. - 3 wire extension

1 ea. Product brochure

1 ea. Tribal Whips decal


Dual Kit Includes:

2 ea. 3 ft. Aurora 3D LED lighted whip

1 ea. Power converter / Animator

1 ea. RF wireless remote control

2 ea. Whip mount kit

1 ea. 18 in. - 3 wire extension

2 ea. Product brochure

2 ea. Tribal Whips decal