30" GMZ Sand Stripper XL Paddles on GMZ Casino Bead Locks 16 Paddle

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This listing is for a complete sand tire and wheel package.  These are 30" GMZ Sand Stripper XL-HP (16 Paddles) mounted on 15" GMZ Casino Beadlock wheels.


The GMZ Sand Stripper XL are built for flotation! Tire sizes are 30x13-15 front and 30x15-15 rear. The rear tires have (16) 7/8" deep straight paddles, each approximately 12" wide. 16 Paddle Sand Strippers were designed specifically for turbo performance. The front tires are smooth with a three ribbed design that allows for positive steering control. The tires are 6 ply rated.

GMZ Casino beadlock wheels have a true bolted ring design, and 1100 lb load rating.  Fronts are 15x8, and rears are 15x10 with wide offset, which will increase the overall stance width of the machine approximately 4" or ~70" wide on an XP 1000.

This listing is for a complete kit consisting of front and rear tires, mounted on wheels.  It is ready to bolt on and ride!


Tire & Wheel Kit includes:

  • (2) 30-13-15 GMZ Sand Stripper XL Front Ribbed Tires
  • (2) 30-15-15 GMZ Sand Stripper XL Rear Paddle Tires
  • (2) GMZ Casino Beadlock Wheels  15x8 4+4 (+0mm) Offset 
  • (2) GMZ Casino Beadlock Wheels 15x10 5+5 (+0mm) Offset
  • Uses OEM Lug Nuts
  • Professional tire and wheel mounting


Tire Specifications:

Front Tires Rear Tires
 Tire Size:  30-13-15  30-15-15
 Design:  3 Rib  16 Paddle @ 7/8"
 Ply Rating:  6  6
 Tire Weight  24 lbs  32.0 lbs


Wheel Specifications:

Front Rear
 Wheel Size (dia x width):  15 x 8 15 x 10
 Bolt Pattern:  By Model By Model
 Offset:  4+4 (+0mm)   5+5 (+0mm)
 Weight  18 lbs 20 lbs
 Load Rating:  1100 lbs 1100 lbs
 Part Number:  CWB-01 CWB-02