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We have developed these gauges to handle anything you can throw at them. Get them wet, hammer them through your biggest whoop section, what ever you can think of these gauges are built to take it. These are much more accurate and quicker reacting than your typical old school mechanical gauge. These have a built in microprocessor and a High torque stepper motor which keeps the needle planted and not shaking. These are the best of the best.
Alba Racing Wide-band AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) Gauge is an all weather Gauge and ready to take what ever you throw at it! These are the highest quality gauges you can buy.

We have done a ton of testing to create the ultimate UTV/off-road gauges. These are the only weatherproof gauges we know of. Built with microprocessor controlled high torque stepper motor for zero needle wiggle through rough terrain. This gauge is uses a Bosch LS 4.9 sensor (this is the newest sensor Bosch makes and most of our competitors use a LS 4.2 that is much less accurate). Instead to using cheap, unsealed connections like most manufactures this gauge uses fully sealed and water proof "weatherPAK" connections. No aspect of the production of this gauge was over looked, they are built to last!

-Uses the latest Bosch O2 sensor the LS 4.9.
-O2 size is M18x1.5
-Weather proof design.
-Fits into 52mm hole 2.062".
-LED Back Lighting
-internal microprocessor controls the pointer movement.
-Digital high torque stepper motor ensures accurate pointer movement in racing conditions.
-Extended wire harness included to fit you UTV (2 or 4 seater).
-Includes Bosch LS 4.9 wideband O2 sensor (and bung) which is compatible with all fuel types (Unleaded, Leaded, E85, Diesel, or Methanol)
-5 year warranty.
-Made in the USA

Color Options-
White Face with white LED back lighting (YXZ1000 stock colors)
Black Face with blue LED back lighting (Polaris XP1000 and Turbo colors)

SS 5/23/22