Can-Am OEM Turbo Hoses for Maverick X3 120HP Intercooler Upgrade


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If you are looking to get more power out of your Can-Am Maverick X3 with 120 horsepower, adding the 2018 ECU tune with the larger fuel pump and intercooler/fan is the way to go.  This will take you to 195 horsepower!  In fact the 120HP and 172HP cars are the same minus the intercooler and fuel pump.  Since the 120HP car does not have a intercooler for the turbocharger system, you need to be able to connect the charge and pressure tubes for this.  These Can-Am X3 RS parts are available through HCT for an easy conversion.  These 2 tubes along with the intercooler/fan kit is all you need to get your 120HP way up in power!


  • Turbo hose (long from intercooler to compressor)
  • Turbo hose (short tube from intercooler to intake)


  • 18-19 Can-Am X3 Turbo 120hp Non Intercooled


  • This kit is for the Rubber Boost Hoses ONLY!

Shipping only $9.99