Cool Belt CVT Belt Cooling System for Polaris RZR 1000

Pro UTV Parts

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Heat destroys your UTV's CVT belt because it is made from rubber. The hotter it gets, the weaker it is. Keep your belt 30 degrees cooler with the Pro UTV Cool Belt System. Cool Belt installs easily and allows your belt to warm up to operating temperature before automatically starting when needed. Supplied mounting bracket ensures that your fan won't fall off during spirited driving on rough terrain. This is a complete belt care solution designed for the RZR 1000. With this kit you get a belt temperature controller that controls a blower fan. The controller will turn the fan on and off at 130 degrees. This is the most complete and heavy duty CVT belt cooling kit available for your UTV.


-Belt temperature controller that turns the fan on and off when needed

-Gauge face matches OEM gauge look

-Includes a complete harness with the controller and relay pre wired in wire loom for the RZR 1000 (looks OEM) 

-Belt temp gauge (optional)


System Components include:

-Heavy duty 240 cfm fan and adapters

-Fan mounting bracket and hardware

-Relay and power fuse

-Temperature switch

-Wiring, wire loom, and connectors configured for the 1000

-Detailed instructions 


Note: Alba temperature gauge may be purchased to monitor your belt's temperature by selecting Cool Belt and Temp Gauge.


Read below for more information:

We developed this kit from our desert, dune, and rock crawling experience. This includes the Old School Rock Crawl, King of the Hammers, and Rally on the Rocks. The mounting bracket keeps the fan assembly from pulling loose from the factory fender attachment when jumping or driving hard over rock and whoops. At these events we were the only ones that did not break a belt in the tough sections. When you see your belt getting hot you need to let it cool. With this gauge you will learn what is creating the heat and how to combat it. Dune riding, rock crawling and high speed runs create heat. The kit adds a blower to your CVT clutch to keep air flowing through your clutch housing to keep it cool. This fan is controlled by a fan controller much like one that controls your engine’s water temperature. Belts are expensive and no one likes changing a belt during an event or ride. Cool Belt will help your belt last longer. We offer an Alba high quality gauge with this kit as an option. The gauges are made in the USA and sealed front to back inside a carbon composite case. Alba uses a high torque electric motor in their gauges to keep the needle planted and not bouncing around. Our harness is extremely high quality with weatherproof sealed connectors. The Cool Belt kit is designed and built for off road use in the elements. The fan is a big 240cfm blower fan that is included in the kit. The controller turns the blower on at 130 degrees. When the blower is running you will be able to see your belt temperatures go down on the gauge. We include everything you need to install this kit on you RZR 1000 including a pre-wired harness and rubber mounted fan bracket to make installation as easy as possible.

Belt life chart:

A belt life chart is pictured from Gates. Gates it probably the largest supplier of the worlds CVT belts. This chart shows how a belt life is directly affected by ambient air temperature in the belt housing. This is what we are measuring to turn the fan on and off.