Dirt Engineered Desert Works XP 1000 and New Turbo Roll Cage and Accessories Starting at $2569.95

$ 166.99 $ 174.95

The Desert Works XP 1000 cage design and workmanship is excellent. The cage is good looking, strong (.095" DOM material), and provides safety for any mishaps that could happen while trail riding or racing. The accessories that come with the Desert Works cage package is what set it apart from the competition. The sleek gel coated fiberglass top includes front LED light bar and rear amber and red lights molded into the roof line (spoiler included). The form fitting light options are pre-wired into the cage for easy installation (30" front light bar, LED taillights, Safglow whip mounts, and dome light) and good looks. The rear bumper of the cage has a bracket allowing a spare tire to be attached (tire mount optional).

The complete package including all listed components is available for less than buying the components separately. Your choice of powder coating colors as well as a raw finish or custom color. Please call with questions on cage orders and shipping costs. Shipping costs vary with product and destination and must be calculated separately for cage and associated products.

Fiberglass Cage Package Includes:

  • Includes Fiberglass Top and liner (Choice of Color)
  • 30" LED light bar
  • Safeglow Whip Mounts
  • Pre-wired for light bar, whips, tail light, and dome light
  • Axia Mirror Mounts
  • Protrusion Bars
  • Rear Spoiler with Tail Light
  • Dome Light


Note: Aluminum roof cage does not come as a package and must be ordered separately as individual items.


Only the actual shipping cost is added to these products. Please call, text, or email for cage details and shipping 801 367 1395.

Allow 2-3 weeks to build your custom cage.





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