Kawasaki Diff Lock Override Module by Razorback

  • $ 93.00

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Unleash your Teryx with our Diff Lock Override Module. Created specifically for the Kawasaki Teryx, this new product bypasses the Teryx's diff lock mph speed limiter. This allows riders to have full throttle and full power even when in diff lock. The Diff Lock Override Module is easily installed without having to cut or splice wires and is controlled through an in-dash push button. Once diff lock is engaged and the Override Module is on, your Teryx will appear to be operating in 4-wheel drive while it is actually in diff lock (but without the mph speed limitations). All Diff Lock Override Modules are supported with a lifetime warranty. 

Our Diff Lock Override Module:

  • fits the Kawasaki Teryx (2012-2019)
  • allows full throttle & full power while Diff Lock is engaged
  • is controlled by a sleek, in-dash button
  • is easily installed
  • is backed by a lifetime warranty