Falcon Ridge

  • $ 226.99

You can have the most rad engine to rip and shred. However, everything under the hood is pointless without the right traction action. What better way to get that grip than with the Cougar 729 Radial 8 Ply Tire by Falcon Ridge.

These aftermarket accessories are fit for terrain battle. In fact, it doesn't even matter which surface is your top choice. The UTV tires have a unique construction that offers smooth travel on nearly any terrain surface. For instance, suppose you enjoy a country cruise on hard-packed terrain. In that case, these side-by-side tires have the grit to grip with superior traction. At the same time, no problem if it's extreme trailing you enjoy. The tires have what it takes to get you the performance you need.

So, how do they tackle the task? First, Falcon Ridge developed a SxS tire with a truck-inspired tread pattern. As a result, the accessories offer a smooth, comfortable ride on nearly any terrain surface. Next, the units have a large contact patch that gives you the traction you need to tackle the tough stuff. Though these side-by-side tires exceed DOT standards, they are not intended for highway use.

The UTV tire has eight-ply construction with 17-23 inch lugs and rim guard shields. This means that the assemblies are puncture-resistant while having an increased load rating. Additionally, the rim guard protects the wheel from trail obstacles and rogue limbs, ensuring they don't get bent.

When push comes to shove, it takes several aftermarket parts and accessories to ensure you get the best ride experience. That includes having quality treads like the Cougar 729 tires. So what's not to want with these grippers? Shop UTV parts and accessories at Side By Side Stuff to beef your buggy up to ride like you want to.

  • Truck inspired tread pattern
  • Smooth ride quality on many different surfaces
  • Manufactured for excellent performance on intermediate to hard packed surfaces
  • Large contact patch for superior traction and durability
  • 8 ply radial construction with 17/32 inch tread for better puncture resistance and higher load rating
  • Rim guard shields rims from damage

jds 3/28/23