Gripper T/R/K Tires by Fuel UTV


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Replace your stock tires with Fuel UTV Gripper T/R/K UTV Tires available at Pro UTV Parts. With thousands of miles of testing over the past 2 years we have the next evolution of Fuel Gripper tires are born. With puncture resistant technology and synthetic aramid fiber added to the sidewalls of our new tires that greatly increase the side wall strength but still keeps the tire light weight and pliable. The new series of T/R/K tires are available in 28”, 32” and the first production made 35” tire specifically designed for a UTV.

The new Fuel Gripper T/R/K tires are here! With 1,000s of test miles on these new tires in some of the most brutal terrane in the county along with the deserts of Baja these tires are the next evolution in UTV tires. With the already tough 10 PLY DOT Steal belted radial construction we took it one step farther and added Aramid Fiber side walls to the mix.  Most people have not heard of the new Aramid Fiber technology that is being used in aerospace and military applications, for ballistic-rated body armor fabric and ballistic composites.  Aramid fibers are a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibers. (bullet proof ) With this new technology and being able to add it to the side walls of our new tires it greatly increased the side wall strength  of the tire and vastly improves the puncture resistance of the tire. We are able to make some of the lightest and strongest tires on the market specifically made for UTV’s.   

Available sizes and specs:

28x10x14-Kevlar (32 lbs) (Tread Depth 3/4") (855lb)

32x10x14-Kevlar (41lbs) (Tread Depth 3/4") (1070lb)

32x10x15-Kevlar (42lbs) (Tread Depth 3/4") (1050lb)

35x10x15-Kevlar (47.5lbs) (Tread Depth 3/4") (1600lb)


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