GMZ Kahuna and LiteLoc Alloy Bead Lock Wheel Combo, Set of 4 Mounted and Ready to Go (Free shipping and installation for local pick-up)

  • $ 1,229.95
  • Save $ 200

Set of 4 Kuhuna tires and Lit Locs mounted and ready to go. 

GMZ Kuhuna tires are a great looking 8 ply all terrain tire that works well in the desert environment. 8 ply radial construction for strength and durability. Available in 30 x 10 x 14.

This is the best quality, lightest, real bead lock system on the market today. Race proven to take the abuse in WORCS as a class winner. 8mm high grade bead lock bolt hardware. Available in 12 and 14 inch.  Very strong but light weight for a real beadlock. Black powder coated for great looks and durability.

LiteLoc  comes with a manufacturers lifetime warranty. 

12" bead lock rings available in machined finish only.

14" bead lock rings available in custom colors, black, red, blue, orange, pink, and yellow. Black is standard. Specify bead lock color in email when ordering or black will be delivered. See Notes below.

Sizes Available and Specs: 12x7 4+3 14x7 4+3 Weight: 12” 13.5 lbs, 14” 15.0 lbs

Material: Cast heat treated aluminum for racing or recreation only.

14" Load Rating: 1000 lbs.

12" Load Rating 800 lbs.

Integrated bead lock with 8mm high grade bolt system.

Sizes Available: 12x7 4+3  and 14x7 4+3

Weight: 12” 12.5 lbs, and 14” 15.0 lbs. which is the same as carbon fiber wheels.


Note: Colored  beadlock rings are extra. Call for pricing. 801 367 1395