GMZ Sand Stripper Paddle and Ribbed Tires (Priced for Pickup at Pro UTV Parts)

$ 119.95 $ 174.95

GMZ Sand Stripper Tires

Full HP rear paddle, 28x15x14 with fourteen (14) 1.25" paddle blades. Each tire weighs 22.5 lbs. 7"-10" wide wheels recommended.

Staggered rear paddle, 28x15x14 with fourteen (14) .75" paddle blades. Each tire weighs 21.8 lbs. 7"-10" wide wheels recommended.

Front 28x12x14 tire with three 5/8" ribs. Tires weigh 20 lbs each.  6"-8" wide wheels recommended. Ribs face outside of wheel when correctly mounted.

Full HP Paddle recommended for 1000 and hot 900 machines.

Stagger Paddle for 900 and hot 800 machines.

GMZ Sand Strippers have a 6 ply rating.


Note: Shipping calculated separately to each destination. Call, text, or email for shipping quote 801 3671 395. 

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