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Super tough and bright Gorilla Whips have a wireless remote control that allows the whip to change 20 different individual colors. The colors can be solid or change in a rotating fashion to a variety of 20 colors with changing patterns. Free flag and quick disconnect included with each whip.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

Return the product within 30 days if not satisfied for a refund. Customer must pay for shipping back to Gorilla Whip.  


Contact Gorilla Whip and tell them what happened and if approved they will set you up with 100% product replacement with shipping paid both ways. Manufacturing defects must be reported within 9 MONTHS from the date of delivery for warranty. Note: Altering the item voids the warranty. (Altering includes, but is not limited to, cutting wires on the controller, cutting the whips to be shorter, rewiring original wiring setup, mounting on a different holder, changing the pin configuration, etc.)

 Submitting a claim:

Send an email to Sales@GorillaWhips.com, tell us your name, what product you have, your order number, and what happened to your Gorilla Whips product. We strongly recommend including video/photos. We will email you back within 5 business days letting you know the status of your claim.

Note: Manufacturers warranty does not cover broken wires to the whip during installation.

Whip Operating and Set-Up Instructions:

Whips are paired with the included remote as packaged. The remote will control the whip it was packaged with.

Use instructions below if your whip does not function correctly or two whips are being controlled by one remote

Connect a whip to power and press the speed+ and – button at the same time for 5 seconds to pair the whip to the remote. If you are pairing 2 whips to one remote, individually turn on each whip separately and pair them separately. Make sure that each whip is on the same color before disconnecting the power. Both whips will now be on the same color and will change colors from the same remote.

Perform the following if the colors are not matching on the remote to the whip:

  • Connect the whip to power.
  • Press the red and blue button at the same time and hold for 5 seconds (the red and blue button is separated by a green button between them).
  • Check the color sequence to see if it matches the buttons by pressing all the colors.
  • Disconnect the power for 5 seconds if the colors don’t match.
  • Re-connect the whip to power.
  • Press the red and blue buttons at the same time and hold for 5 seconds.
  • Check the color sequence to see if it matches the buttons by pressing all the colors.
  • If the colors don’t match, continue the above sequence until they do. It may take several sequences before the colors match.

The remote battery may be dead if the remote won’t function. Obtain a new battery and use the above instructions to pair the remote.



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