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The Best Ties in the World!

  •  Reusable
  • Grips very tight
  • 70 lbs tensile strength
  • Heat stabilized
  • UV protected
  • Won't break when you tighten it up

Available in red, blue, and orange

Releasable, Rubber-Lined, protective cushioning cable ties to prevent wire and cable damage.  Rubber-Lining prevents the need to over tighten to secure. Thus protecting wire insulation and conductors from damage.  Resistant to Vibration: will not move around and cut wires or scratch off paint on installed surfaces.  Faster installation and lower cost then separate cushioning materials.


Smooth corner low profile head with releasable, removable tab is designed to be low profile and provide high strength. Deep tooth engagement for high strength rating of 70 pounds.  Deep tooth design made possible because of the spring like action of the Rubber lining.  Easier to install with no need to pull really tight.  Allow the Rubber to secure the wires at the precise bundle diameter needed rather then a crushing force of traditional ties.


Double sided grabber end allow great grip to position and pull the ties. The tall grabbers also allow the ends to be inserted prior to some installation scenarios.  Deep tooth design gives a satisfying loud click from the extra tough locking head. If accidentally inserted simply move the release tab with your thumb and reposition. When repositioning or removal is no longer needed then user can flush cut off excess strap and the releasable tab flush with the retention head and this secures the Tie.


Rubber-Lining practically eliminates stress concentration points under tension, making the tie stronger for a longer life and more difficult installations. The Patented double Rubber-Lining  bands grip and protect the bundle and slippage is reduced even on vertical installations. Rounded edges on the top of the tie also protect insulation, preventing sharp edges from damaging cables.


Ideally installed in Industrial MRO and OEM situations including and not limited to High Vibration and Stationary Production, Electrical Cabinets, Lawn and Garden, UTV Moto and ATV’s, RV, Marine, Aircraft, Heavy Equipment, and Trailers.


Ready to be used in areas where the environment requires Heat Stabilized and UV Protection.


Black UV Stabilized Nylon and Available in several rubber colors, Red, Blue, Orange