Marked Motorsports Kawasaki KRX & KRX4 1000 Rear Shock Mount Braces **MUST HAVE**

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Kawasaki KRX or KRX4 1000 Rear Shock Mount Braces 

This is a must have item for any Kawasaki KRX 1000 owner. It is not as common as the front shock mounts, but still needs to be addressed. The rear shock mounts will tear apart when the shocks are at full extension. This leaves riders with no rear shock/suspension upon landing from a jump, hitting whoops, rock crawling or anything else. 

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Can you imagine? This cannot happen! We invest thousands of dollars, and many hours into these UTV's and the last thing anyone wants is it to be a total loss, or even worse anybody have severe injury or death! 

Kawasaki will TOTAL LOSS a machine no mater how bad the frame damage was. A shock mount, bent tube, torn bracket, anything. Customers have lost thousands to the insurance company simply because Kawasaki does not sell a replacement frame and considers "ANY" frame damage a complete write off. A simple 30 minute repair for some, but Kawasaki will not repair or replace the frame. 

It gets worse. Once Kawasaki notifies the insurance database of total loss frame damage, your KRX is considered uninsurable and NO INSURANCE company will insure it. You can't ride it, finance it, sell it, or do anything with it other than give it to the insurance company! NO THANKS! This bracket kit is cheap insurance!

We have designed a patent pending reinforcement kit for the rear shock mounts that is a simple bolt on fix.  The installation usually takes about 30 minutes and will give you the piece of mind to ride anything.

A few horrible examples of the shock mount failure are shown. 


4- Rear shock reinforcement brackets. Braces the Left & Right side.
Grade 8 retaining hardware

These are needed on any KRX or KRX4.