Marked Motorsports Kawasaki KRX & KRX4 Billet Center Dump Fuel Rail (A Must Have)

Marked Motorsports

  • $ 159.99

A central dump fuel rail for the KRX or KRX4 1000 is a must have in our opinion. The krx has been shown to have multiple fueling issues which has lead to the engine running lean on fuel and melting piston 2. Its a combination of a few very small things, which lead to a big issue.

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We believe this central dump fuel rail is the final piece of the puzzle to finally cure the issues.  To learn more please watch the LONG video with lots of explanation and even an install at the bottom of this page 


Our fuel rail moves the inlet location to feed from the center unlike the stock KRX fuel rail.The stock one feed from the side This eliminates airation and low pressure issues. 


1- Billet aluminum center dump fuel rail with fittings

We highly recommend doing all 3 pieces of the lean running KRX puzzle. The roll over valve, fuel filters, and center dump fuel rail.
If you need our high flow fuel filters and roll over vent valve, you can add those at a discount in the drop down menu above.