Maverick X3 Gated Shifter with Billet Knob by LoosenutsOHV

$ 39.95


Made in USA!

Canam Maverick X3 shifter gate and billet aluminum knob with shift pattern engraved. Made from All stainless steel and powder coated matte black texture to match the Maverick interior. This is a premium quality shifter gate tig welded and laser cut stainless. 3/16" stainless gate. We went a step further and Ran a 45 degree CNC chamber around the gate profile for a precision smooth shift. We have taken the long tang between low and high and made a smoother shift, no more broken tangs and no more long throws from low to high in the standard X3 shift pattern side.

We have also incorporated our LOOSENUTSOHV "QUICKSHIFTER" Gate, that allows no guessing Quick shifts from high or low to reverse. This is not an overlay over your console this is a completely new tig welded made in the USA Complete drop in shifter box. As you can see in the pics the original plastic shift box and our "QUICKSHIFTER" box side by side. High, low and park all have a special shape to guarantee that you are locked in for whatever your doing from parking it to racing it. 

Crawler Low to reverse option allows the use of the speed shifter gate from low to reverse or high to reverse. 

Duner Gate - High to Reverse  

Crawler Gate - High/Low to Reverse (best option for all around use)

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