Maverick X3 Titanium Muffler by Diamond S Manufacturing

Diamond S Manufacturing

  • $ 846.99
  • Save $ 2.01


Introducing a Titanium muffler for your maverick based on proven technology from our titanium snowmobile muffler. Diamond S Titanium Mufflers offer major advantages over other after market mufflers.  Besides being extremely lightweight and providing increased horsepower and torque , titanium will not rust or corrode over time. Our specially designed baffle system eliminates the need for packing, no repacking ever, this also ensures your muffler will not get louder over time. Our mufflers are made with large tubing to provide maximum air flow and produce a deep throaty sound while keeping the decibels down. This muffler meets USFS noise specifications.  Diamond S Mufflers are all hand made in the USA. Titanium will change colors over time from heat. You can choose between a heat shroud or keep the stock cover over the muffler comes aluminum grill. Muffler is slip on, easy to install and comes with a spark arrestor.