PRP Seats Polaris RZR 50/50 Front Bench (Custom Head Rest Logo Available)


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The first front bench with independently removable buckets for your Polaris RZR 570, 800 or 900.

Finally a bench seat for the front of a RZR that one person can easily install and remove. We designed a comfortable bench seat with side support and a down ward sloping bottom cushion so the occupant does not feel like they are sliding out of front of the seat. We then took that bench and cut it in half so each piece is much easier to handle and install. The RZR 50/50 is much more comfortable for larger people. The lower side supports provide much more sitting surface, yet still provides much more support then stock.


This seat can also be made into a Mud Edition Seat at NO extra charge. Mud edition seats have 2" of mesh at the bottom corner of the seat that allows water, mud, and sand to drain through. This option is a must have if you ride in deep mud or water crossings. Great for just cleaning at the car wash also.


Please view PRP Seats’ Fabric Selection Guide for details on the RZR Grand Prix Suspension Seat.


Seat Options Description: Heated Seats (Off/On) have an 8 amp draw per seat with wiring and waterproof switch.  Water Pak (bladder type) with 2 Liter pouch, attaches to seat and has a flexible tube with bite valve for drinking.  Rear Pockets give passengers available storage.  Adjustable Air Lumbar Support is great for those long days and/or tired backs. Adjust with a hand bulb type pump.


Note: Custom options may take 2-3 weeks for processing, fabrication, and shipping.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


SHIPPING: Shipping is determined by destination for PRP products. The shipping charge is exactly the ammount that it costs Pro UTV Parts to ship seats. We do not add anything to the shipping costs. Please send complete shipping information by email, calling, or texting 801 367 1395 for shipping costs. 



 DOES NOT FIT 2015+ 900, any 1000, or any Turbo models.