Ryfab Maverick X3 Glass Vented Windshield

$ 609.95 $ 685.00

Maverick X3 Glass Vented Windshield 

Will fit:

  • Maverick X3 All #363X3WSG

Help protect you and your passenger from sticks and other flying debris while blazing the trail with a Ryfab glass windshield - the most versatile off-road windshield on the market. The windshield has a vent that allows ventilation into the cab. The vent also helps keep dust out of the cab when opened. This windshield will last for years. Proudly manufactured in Logan, Utah, USA.

Key Features:

  • Safety glass automotive type windshield
  • Aluminum frame with hinge for vent on the bottom
  • Has a seal along vent and roof 
  • Vent opens for in-between days
  • Vent helps keep dust out of the cab
  • Bolts straight on
  • Precise fit and finish
  • Minimal noise
  • Full-width vent
  • Wiper kit available

Please note that these shipping rates do not apply for orders being shipped to Alaska, or outside of the US.


1. Made to Order, 1-5 day ship time.

2. Windshield does not work with BRP factory aluminum top

3. Shipping is $140 added at checkout.

4. BRP Intrusion bar removal may be required.


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