SafeGlo Whips Original 3/4" Whip with RCA Connector

Safe Glow

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Safeglo Original 3/4" whips are the number one selling whip.

4' whips are recommended for the top of UTVs and 6' whips are recommended for ATVs.

Safeglo's quick release works on an RCA system. The bottom of the whip is a female RCA and the quick release has a male RCA at the base and the mount is threaded. Hardwire the quick release wherever you want it mounted, when you want your whips just screw them on by hand, no tools needed. Unscrew them when done.

Product Descriptions

Original 3/4" Whip


Aluminum base with a steel threaded shaft
Poly carbonate pole – Lexan
50,000 hour rated led’s 2 Amps

What you get:

Whip 6ft. or 4ft.
Red Safe Glo Flag


1. We recommend a 5 amp inline fuse with this whip.
2. Use the quick RCA disconnect for easy on off installation (Select yes for quick disconnect) 

Need a custom color coordination? Please call us at 801 367 1395!

Install instructions We have found the best way to hook up is to your existing 12v battery and install a 2 way switch so you can run the lights on the whip when ever you would like.(This way you can light up a area without your vehicle running!) And because our whips draw only 600 milliamps you will not drain your battery. Another way is simply splice into your running lights. (when you turn your vehicles lights on your whip will also power up.) For 2 stroke applications you may need to purchase a battery pack that we do not stock at this time. We are not responsible for any damage to your vehicle do to improper installation.

Safe Glo Whips Warranty --RETURN POLICY Repairs or exchanges are given on purchases made within 6 months of original purchase date only. Any damage to the whip do to negligence from accident or any signs of gouging or impact scratches warranty will be voided. Improper install that causes LED'S to short out will void warranty.  Using a flag larger than 19"x12" will also void warranty. Cash, Credit card  refunds - within 7 days of purchase - Must be accompanied by original receipt. All products must be in new, un-used condition with original packaging. Special Order whip builds are not refundable. Claims of damaged goods, shortages, overages and any discrepancies must be reported within 7 days of receiving the merchandise to be considered for an adjustment. As long as all of the above conditions have been met, you will be refunded in the method you originally paid. If you paid: Cash- you will be refunded cash, Credit card- you will be refunded on a credit card