Sand Slinger Tires with Battle Rim Package by EFX and MSA (Free Shipping in the Lower 48 states with Free Lug Nuts)

$ 929.95

Congratulations, you found the tire and wheel combination everyone in the dunes is talking about, the EFX SandSlinger UTV sand tire on Battle wheels. Available in 27x10x14 (Smoothie), 27x13x14 (Paddle), 29x11x14 (Ribbed) and 29x14x14 (Paddle), this 4-ply bias compound tire and wheel combination has every option to get you moving. Order your front/rear wheel and tire combo (price complete set).Free shipping and lug nuts! 


Choose 27" tires for RZR 900 applications, Wildcat, Maverick (non turbo) and high elevation driving over 4000'. 29" tires are really BIG. They measure 31" from Paddle to Paddle when mounted and work best on higher horsepower applications or low elevations where motors make more power. Perfect for turbo UTV applications! 

Please call, email, or text if you want a different wheel or tire combination than listed 801 367 1395.

Sand Slinger Tires

Size Height Weight Lbs. Ply Paddle Height Load Lbs. # Paddles or Ribs
27x10x14 27" 19.4 4 0" 400 0
27x13x14 27" Carcass OD 22.7 4 .87" 485 14
29x11x14 29" 24.8 4 .4" 610 3
29x14x14 29" Carcass OD 30.4 4 1" 710 14

Battle Wheels

Size Offset Weight Lbs. Load Lbs. Bolt Pattern Cap
14x7 10mm + 14.9 1000 4x110, 4x115, 4x137, 4x156
14x7 30mm+ 14.9 1000 4x137
14x10 0mm 15.5 1000 4x137, 4x156






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