The Manual Jack 2.0 by AGM


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SKU:  AGM-EJA-2011

Tired of slow and heavy jacks? The AGM Manual Jack is the compact, lightweight solutions to these problems. Its quick release height adjustment clamp (change lift point on the fly), concave pad design (prevents pad sink in sand) and modular mounting system (locks the Jack to the vehicle) will give you confidence and peace of mind that whatever life throws at you, you'll fix it fast with the Manual Jack.   

14” travel - 17” external height adjustment - 11 lbs. -  no sink pad design - modular mounting system lets you use one of our lift adapters (jack points or Universal hook) or make your own. 


NOTE: Jack and components are sold "A La Carte", so you can build exactly what you want. All accessories are sold separately. This is a modular system so feel free to purchase the Universal Hook, Weld-On Jack points or make your own attachment tool for the jack. 

Weld-On Jack Point (with 12 degrees Misalignment)

Weld On Jack Point (with no misalignment)

Weld-On Chassis Mount Kit



JDS 1/11/23