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Description: Polaris RZR Pro-R Bored Throttle Body
Retail Price w/ Core Exchange: $274.95 Part# BMP-68BTB-P3023644
Retail Price w/o Core Exchange: $799.95 add Part # P-3023644
After many 3D-printed versions of this throttle body, we have maximized the flow of the OEM throttle body.  The air-flow path CAD-designed bore shape will drastically increase the airflow the motor needs to maximize the additional power that our Stage 3 through 8 Bolt-on Performer Kits add to the Pro-R platform.  The additional 6 millimeters combined with the intentional flow path design will act more like an additional 8 millimeters when it comes to the initial throttle punch and response. You can choose to send in your throttle body for us to CNC bore it or buy it out right as well.
* 6mm increase in bore size ID - 62mm to 68mm
* 20% increase in airflow
* 4% increase in horsepower
* Faster acting idle control and throttle response
* Drastic improvement in modeled/directional airflow by using CAD computer-aided design
* Precise multi-axis CNC machining
* Stainless steel throttle blade for added strength in boost applications.
** Torque Link Tune Required **
 If not buying out right you must send in your Throttle Body to Bikeman Performance
920 Pine St, St Croix Falls, WI 54024
ecs 9-28-23