Trail Control Gated Shifter RZR 570, 800, and XP 900

Trail Control

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Trail Control Gated Shifter RZR fits 570, 800, and XP 900 

  • Dual Gates
  • Left Gate is Standard Polaris Shift Pattern
  • Right Gate is Low or Reverse  with Park Lock-Out
  • Can go from Low to Reverse, High to Reverse, Low to high, with Park Lock-Out

The Trail Control dual gate shifter allows normal shifting for everyday use and fast low to reverse shifts or fast high to reverse shifts for difficult situations. Don't roll over backwards because you accidentally hit park going for reverse while climbing a hill! With this gated shifter you can go from low or high straight to reverse in an instant if you need to try and save the RZR from a roll over. A trail control shifter is good insurance against rolling over backwards on steep inclines. Trail Control is also great for tight trail areas requiring many forward to reverse shifts. High to reverse speed shifting is also available.

Limitations of the Polaris transmission apply.


Note: The Trail Control shifter threads are 5/16" diameter with 18 threads/inch. The stock Polaris shift knob or other aftermarket shift knobs can be drilled and tapped to fit the trail control shifter.