Tribal Whips WhipZilla LED Lighted Whips

Tribal Whips

  • $ 94.99
  • Save $ 5.01

Tribal Whips WhipZilla LED Lighted Whips come in a variety of colors and sizes.

The WhipZilla Whip is More than 5 x brighter than the "CLASSIC" whip...There's nothing brighter!   This thing is packed with more than 70 high output LED's, with up to 3x more power than any competing brand whip.  This whip is worth every penny, if you're the type of person that has to have the BRIGHTEST whip, look no further. They are designed to operate in high stress applications and extreme environments.

Whips include Tribal Whips own proprietary quick release base. No tools needed when installing or removing the whip once the base has been mounted.

Whip mounts are made from machined billet aluminum, hard anodized to resist corrosion, and complete with stainless steel hardware to attach it to your vehicle. Fiberglass whip adapters kits (sold separately or add onto your whip order for $12) allow you the ease of switching between fiberglass whips (1/4” or 5/16” dia.) and LED whips, within seconds, and without the use of tools. Switching between your fiberglass whips and an LED lighted whip is as simple as pulling a pin.

Whips are also available as a stand alone replacement product without the base, just choose that option from the drop down menus (subtract $25).