Zbroz Polaris RZR Turbo/1000 XP, 1000 XP 4, XP 900, & XP 900 XP 4 Max Clearance Lower and Upper Radius Rod Kit (FREE SHIPPING)

$ 484.95 $ 499.00

The original Max Ground clearance lower and upper radius rods with years of abuse to prove it's the best. Race proven in KOH, GNCC, and WORCS.

Tired of bending your wimpy stock lower radius rods over every ledge or rock you cross? Problem solved, Zbroz Racings Ars Fx Max Ground Clearance Radius Rods offer more clearance to avoid rocks. The kit includes both lower and upper radius rods. Everything you need to hit the rocky trails with confidence. Built to crawl over anything and do it with Style. These rods have been built with the extreme trial rider and rock crawler in mind. Simply bolt these in place of your stock Rods and you're ready to go. These rods come standard with 5/8 Shank spherical rod end for extreme strength and durability. Uppers also replace stock weak rods and bolt in place with no modifications to the machine.

Powder coated to your choice of color or left raw at your request. These arms are easily installed in your driveway or garage.


ARS-FX Receiver Hitch Plate for Polaris RZR XP 1000 / RZR XP 4 1000/Turbo required if you have a bumper on your RZR. Click here for hitch.

Glossy Black 

Orange Madness

Gloss white


Voodo Blue


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