UTV Battery Maintenance Tips

How should I maintain my UTV's electrical system after adding aftermarket high draw electrical accessories such as a Stereo, Winch, Light Bar, Ect...?

1) We recommend using a battery charger/maintainer at all times. Think of your battery as a gas tank. You want to be filled up for every trip. This help keep you at max voltage when using your factory equipment, stereo system, and aftermarket accessories. Keeping a battery fully charged at all times will lengthen its life and maximize its output.

2) Make sure your battery is healthy. We generally see utv batteries start to weaken at approx 2 years, but this will depend on how the battery has been maintained over its lifetime.

3) Stereo equipment, Lights, and Winches work best while the motor is running and battery is fully charged. Keep in mind that when you play your stereo while the motor is off, you are dependent upon the batteries storage capacity. We are often asked "How long can I play my stereo while the motor is off?". Remember, a battery is like a gas tank and it will really depend on the size or current draw of your system, and of course how loud you are playing.  A good rule of thumb is 30 mins.

4) Are you looking to play your stereo for hours while parked, or light up your camp sight with your light bar? For this application we recommend a 2nd accessory battery kit. This way you can play your stereo for hours while draining your accessory battery and have your stock battery available to start and run the utv. You will need some type of battery isolator for this type of use.