Sector 14" Wheel by DWT Racing

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Introducing the unique new SECTOR 3 piece wheel from DWT. Made in the USA, this awesome new TRUE 3 piece wheel is fully serviceable and constructed of super strong lightweight heat treated 6061 .190 aluminum. All of our heat treatment is done in our factory, assuring a true and proper procedure. The Sector consists of two lightweight aluminum wheel halves which bolt to a stylish billet center. An air tight seal is formed by a strong rubber ring seated in a precision machined groove between each wheel half and the wheel center. Available in 12” and 14” sizes in many offsets.


• Fully Serviceable True 3 Piece Wheel
• Super Strong Lightweight Heat Treated 6061 .190 Aluminum
8mm Bead Lock BoltsNEW
• 12”,14” & 15″ sizes available
• Many Offsets Possible
• Easy Tire Mounting
• Beadlock
• Made in the U.S.A.


Sector’s revolutionary 3 piece design allows you to change any piece of the wheel if need be. This versatile design has many options which allow you to have one wheel for different types of riding, vehicle applications or simply to replace a damaged part without scrapping the entire wheel.

It also allows easy “in the field” tire mounting. These amazing new wheels are available in DWT’s signature “super hoop strength” Rolled Lip and Bead-Lock models. Our bead-lock models employ our exclusive riveted steel nut plate system which allows for quick and easy thread fix.

Did you ever wish you could change your wheel’s offset, bolt pattern or maybe even make it into a beadlock wheel? Well, with DWT’s SECTOR WHEEL you can make it happen.

The versatile SECTOR wheel from DWT can become many different wheel configurations by swapping out any part of the wheel. Now you can get that specific wheel you need without buying a whole new setup!


8”-12” wheels = 5.5-7.5 FOOT lbs/65-90 INCH lbs
15”-17” wheels = 15-25 FOOT lbs/180-300 INCH lbs


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