2 Inch 4-point harness with off-road buckle

2 Inch 4-point harness with off-road buckle

UTV Mountain Accessories

  • $ 100.00

UTVMA 2 Inch 4-point harness with off-road buckle.
  • Off-road buckle 4-point harness
  • Product durable and safe
  • Sewn-in shoulder pads for comfort
  • Front chest buckle to keep shoulder straps in place
  • Product created with extreme care and precision
  • Adjustable for all sizes kids to adults
  • All black harness, as pictured
  • Customer satisfaction 100% guaranteed


The UTV master paints a picture, incorporating thrill and excitement while also instilling the awareness of the beauty of the earth. With that intricate artistry and a 3-inch 4-point harness, passengers can sit back and experience a masterpiece of sensation, exhilaration, and impression. The safety of this harness molds a confidence within passengers, encouraging relaxation so that the adventure can be better experienced. Our master seamstresses and designers place extreme dedication and focus into creating a product that holds reliable safety and exceptional comfort. We understand the importance of each adventure and we know that minor details such as safety concern or discomfort can interrupt the masterpiece presentation. UTV Mountain accessories aims to help you with the details and provide safe and effective additions for your UTV so that every UTV masterpiece adventure can be fully absorbed.

Also available: UTVMA’s 2-inch 4-point harness with off-road buckle.

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