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Tribal Whips, Tribal X-2

X-2’s are as beautiful, as they are bright and strong. 

We’ve done it again!!… We’ve taken lighted whips to a new level, and the experience is nothing short of amazing!!

The X-2 shares all of the important design features of the original “X” whip, but we’ve increased brightness to insane levels!!! How did we do it?… very carefully :) We’ve figured out how to include up to 300 of the brightest LEDs per whip, and power them to generate up to 60+ watts of LED light!! To put that in perspective, it’s as much light output as up to 5 - 100 watt incandescent lightbulbs in your home.

Other new features include:

A new flag retention kit, providing tangle free use and supports any flags that attach with grommets, including those up to 3’ x 5’. Installation / removal takes seconds, and no tools.

Sleek new waterproof wiring and connectors  Providing for an easier and cleaner installation.

We’ve updated and revised the “Light Show” animator. It’s as much fun and easy to use as the original, but this one is more pawerful. It also has 2 channel outputs, allowing users to operate the whips independently or perfectly in sync. And of course the brake light module is still built in to every Light Show animator.

Light Show Animator Features: App name - BanlanX


  1. Limitless colors to choose from.
  2. Highly customizable animations.
  3. Music responsive… get those whips dancing!
  4. Built in brake light module.
  5. 2 channel output, allows you to control multiple whips independently or in perfect sync.
  6. Group control, this is a new feature in the Light Show animator, and it makes it possible for the entire group to run the same animation. This is a great way to easily identify others.
  7. In addition to the Light Show app, a remote control is included as an alternate method to control the whips.


Simply put, the X-2 is the brightest multi - color LED whip on the market, and our lab tested comparisons prove it. We’re almost 2x brighter than our most popular competitor, it doesn’t seem fair.  And our strong poly carbonate tube protects against some of the worst impacts and strikes possible.  

It’s the best multi - color LED whip we’ve ever made, and we know you’ll agree.


1 ea. Tribal X-2 Multi - Color LED Whip w/Flag Kit

1 ea. Tribal Whips Quick Connect / Disconnect Mount Kit

1 ea. Light Show Animator (P/N 102361)

1 ea. 10 ft. Animator Relocation Wire Harness (P/N 102362)

jds 4/24/23