5150 Whips Whips w/ Bluetooth On Sale with MAGNETIC Bases

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CRAZY STRONG/CRAZY BRIGHT 5150 whips with Magnetic bases. The brightest, strongest, and most advanced multicolored LED Whip remote system in the off-road industry. The most durable lighted whips and safety flags for your RZR, UTV, Jeep, quad, or buggy. LED whips feature 20 different colors, 19 different programs along with speed and brightness controls. 5150 whips also have the fastest quick release system in the industry.

Bluetooth whips

  • These whips do not work off of a remote but rather an app. The controller is built into the whip and does not need any special wiring.
  • Our 6 ft whips can be bent end to end without breaking! LIFETIME WARRANTY!
  • Crazy bright. Crazy strong. Outlasts and outshines the competition. GUARANTEED!
  • Contains the fastest quick release system in the industry.
  • Water proof large 5050 LED's. We closely wrap our whips to give you the most LED's per linear foot of whip.

These whips do not work off of a remote but rather an app. The controller is built into the whip. The app has the following functions:

  • Colors area changed via color wheel and thousands of colors area possible
  • Function mode allows whips to flash in pre-selected patterns
  • Custom mode allows the user to make their own mode and flash pattern on whip.
  • Music mode allows the whip to flash with the music playing. (This works even when the whips are paired to a Bluetooth stereo system.)
  • Disco Mode allows the whips to change with sound picked up the phones microphone.
  • Photo mode allows the user to take a photograph of an object and whips will change to the color of the object.
  • Group mode allows the user to link up to other 5150 Whips controllers and control all the whips in the group together
  • Uses LED Magic Blue LED Controller App
  • Complete with magnetic base and inline fuse.

Bluetooth whips come with a 10-foot cable that splits into 2 four foot sections that allow 2 whips to be run off the one controller. This is how we are able to drop the cost on buying a pair of Bluetooth whips. This also allows the whips to run perfectly in sync at all times.

Click Here for LED Magic Blue LED Controller Link

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5150 whips was created by off-roaders to be the strongest, brightest, most versatile, and easiest to mount LED whip antenna in the industry.  After growing tired of replacing the traditional one color plastic straw whips once a season, they founded 5150 whips to outlast and outshine the competition.

The product has been tested on tight trails, sand dunes, and everything in between. The patent pending quick release system is a true quick release and requires no tools to remove/switch between day and night whips. Unlike other companies, the quick release system comes with your purchase along with an in-line fuse.

5150 only uses water proof large 5050 LED's while some of the competition uses smaller LED's to save cost. The 4 foot whips contain approximately 200 LED's and our 6 footers have 300 LED's. Unlike our competitors who loosely wrap their LED's (like a candy cane) we closely wrap ours to give you the most LED's per linear foot of whip. This makes our whips the brightest around.

When you are ready for the strongest and brightest whips on the market look no further than 5150 Whips.com. Going with anything else would just be crazy.

Non-LED pole is for daytime use with large flags.


New Magnetic Base Info From 5150,"Our quick release system sets us apart. The patent-pending stainless steel base requires no tools to install or remove. It allows our whips to be installed and removed in just 1-2 seconds. Other companies have a screw type system that requires a wrench to tighten and loosen. Some designs offer a rca plug built into the mount. The problem with that set up is that over time sand and dirt will get into the plug and cause it fail. Our base has a lifetime warranty."