Aftermarket Assassins

  • $ 25.00

Every RZR owner should have one of these!  This belt removal tool is simple, yet so effective.  It hooks right into the roller opening on your clutch, then the bolt pushes the two halves apart.  This allows for easy belt removal without pulling either clutch.  Not only does it allow for easy belt removal, but it also makes installing a new belt extremely simple.  This fits nicely with your stock tool kit, and uses the factory spark plug wrench.  If you happen to blow a belt on the trail, chances are you have belt debris stuck in your clutch, and that can be extremely hard to remove.  Since this tool holds the secondary open, it makes cleaning out belt debris much easier.   Installing or adjusting primary weights without pulling your clutch can also be a pain since you have to remove the belt.  Being able to remove the belt with this tool also makes adjustments much easier in the machine.

  • Fits 2016-Up RZR & Ranger models with the square roller clutches (shown in 2nd image).  This includes all 1000 XP, 1000 S, most 900 RZR models, most Ranger 900 models, most Ranger 100 models, All General 1000 models, and more. 
  • Third image is a similar tool on a 2015 XP 1000(different clutch) just to show how the tool works.
  • Easily remove and install a new belt
  • If you do blow a belt, this makes it much easier to clean out debris
  • Bolt uses the same size socket as your spark plug wrench
  • Designed to last with a double layer zinc coating
  • Works on clutches converted to the round rollers
  • Watch this VIDEO to see how to use this belt tool

Shipping only $9.99 with in the lower 48 states

    jds 1/23/23