Aftermarket Assassins AA 2022-Up RZR Pro-R Catch Can


Aftermarket Assassins

  • $ 195.00

  •  Catch Can fits 2022-Up Pro-R 4 Cylinder Models
  • We found the Pro R really likes to push oil out the crank case breather into the intake tract.  This catch can greatly reduces the amount of oil/fuel vapor found in your intake and is nearly a must have modification.
  • Removes excessive oil vapor from your intake manifold
  • Helps eliminate reduction of octane from excessive oil vapor in your intake during aggressive driving - when it matters most
  • Helps reduce build-up of carbon on the pistons, valves, and combustion chamber
  • Closed loop catch can is vented back into the intake for a sealed system and is best for all off-road situations.  This also uses intake suction to help scavenge pressure from the bottom end.  This is our preferred design for the Pro R
  • Open loop catch can (Picture #2) is vented to atmosphere, and not back to the intake. This simply has a 1" filter on it with only 1 side port on the can. This is great as it completely eliminates crank case vapors from the intake, but does not scavenge and is more maintenance/messy as it has a filter for venting the can.
  • Both cans have our custom baffle design to keep oil slosh down in the can which is critical for off road applications
  • Made at the AA fabrication facility in the USA
  • PN: 112-1035-A Closed Loop Can Includes: AA V1 Closed Loop Catch Can, 2ft section of hose with two constant tension clamps, and 1 mounting hose clamp.
  • PN: 112-1035-B Open Loop Can Includes: AA V1 Closed Loop Catch Can, 1" filter with clamp, 1/2" Silicone Cap, and 1 mounting hose clamp.

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