Aftermarket Assassins AA Extreme Heavy Duty P90 X HD Primary Slider Buttons


Aftermarket Assassins

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  • Primary buttons fit 2020-23 Pro XP/Turbo R, 2022-Up Pro-R 4 Cyl, & 2021 RZR Turbo & Turbo S Models
  • Our custom molded AA  buttons are a much stronger design due to our improved molding process.  The OEM buttons are a cheaper part with a rubber over mold on one side to keep the buttons retained in the spider during assembly, and to cut down on chatter.  Our buttons are more shock resistant, have better longevity, and built in lubrication.
  • AA buttons are molded with anti rattle/holding pins.  This makes them stick into the spider for easier installation and less clutch noise when running.
  • These buttons will help your chances of exploding the OEM clutch (see article on this HERE).   If the OEM buttons break/crack like we have seen, this binds the clutch.  When one side or "tower" of the clutch binds up, this puts extreme pressure on that side of the clutch and can cause failure. 
  • These are wearable items we found best to replace every 2500-3500 miles depending on use, dust conditions, and maintenance habits.
  • Highest quality material possible for the situation infused with Teflon for added lubricity
  • AA buttons hold up to a higher temp than OEM buttons
  • Must have item for better clutch and button longevity
  • Set of 6 buttons
  • See the instructions HERE

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