Aftermarket Assassins AA Polaris P90X Primary Clutch Springs

Aftermarket Assassins AA Polaris P90X Primary Clutch Springs

Aftermarket Assassins

  • $ 40.00

  • Springs fit the P90X HD clutch found on the Pro XP/Turbo R, Pro R, & 2021 RZR Turbo/Turbo S
  • Springs are for replacing your AA clutch kit springs or for the tuner who knows what spring they want
  • Rough engagement rates below with our AA clutch weights.  Engagement will vary depending on clutch weight design and overall arm weight
  • Unless advanced at clutch tuning we do not suggest running any springs without our clutch kit
  • Measured at 2.45" & 1.25"
  • Green/Silver 75-175 Spring: This is the lowest engagement spring we offer but also has a lower spring rate up top than our standard clutch kit springs, so you will lose 100-200 RPM and weights will need to be 1-2 magnets lighter to achieve the same peak RPM.
  • Gray/Red 80-200 Spring:  Excellent spring that is sometimes used in our clutch kits.  Nice engagement around 1700-2000 RPM while still keeping the final spring rate (full shift rate) up close to our standard gray/yellow spring.
  • Gray/Yellow 85-240 Spring:  This is our standard clutch spring found in our P90X HD clutch kits with an engagement of 1800-2100 in most cases.
  • Gray/White 115-240 Spring:  Race Spring.  This spring has the same full shift rate found in our gray/yellow standard primary spring, but has an engagement of 2500-2700 RPM.  Keep in mind this spring will be harder on your already weak clutch because of the harsh engagement.  Great to use with launch control if you want to risk it.  
  • Gray/Black 105-275 Spring:   This is a great spring that engages at 2200-2300 RPM in most cases.  This spring has a higher full shift rate which raises peak RPM around 200-300 RPM.  Some may find this is a good dune spring if switching back/forth from dune to trail setups... you can install this spring when heading to the sand.  This spring normally makes up most the RPM lost from the extra sand load, so adjusting weights may not be necessary.  

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