Aftermarket Assassins Stryker Belt for RZR Turbo, Pro XP/Turbo R & More

Aftermarket Assassins

  • $ 150.00

SKU: 114-1001

  • Fits 2016-21 RZR XP Turbo, Turbo S, 2020-Up RZR Pro XP/Turbo R, 2018-22 RS1, new body style Ranger 1000 dual cam models, new body style 2024+ RZR XP 1000 models, & Xpedition models.
  • The Stryker military armored combat vehicle is built for battle, to withstand harsh punishment and to keep on rolling.  No other name is more fitting for these revolutionary belts.
  • The latest in belt technology; aramid fibers allow you to push your machine to the limit
  • Stands up to higher temps & runs cooler than any other belt on the market
  • Truly the best belt on the market!  We have tested with many different belts and nothing compares.  This belt lowers belt temps, has more grip, holds up to higher belt temps, and performs extremely consistent.  Better than OEM or anything else we have tested with.
  • This belt had us extremely excited from the moment we installed the first one.  Our high horsepower, fast pace, and wide open style of riding is tough on belts.  In collaboration with Gboost technologies we have been testing this belt in every condition; the mud of Minnesota, trails of Wisconsin, Oklahoma dunes, Idaho Dunes, Lucas Oil Short course and more!  Every single time and every person who has used this belt has been blown away by how well it performs.
  • In your hands you'll notice the quality difference in the belt over others.  It simply feels more durable because it is.  With more Kevlar than ever before, this belt is meant to last and withstand the toughest conditions.
  • While this is the strongest belt on the market, keep in mind any belt can have issues if your clutches have issues to begin with. Take the steps to make sure your clutches are working properly.  Read our blog on blown belts and how to prevent it:
  • Race Series belt:  the race belt is designed to take a higher shock load, and is bonded together even better than the original Stryker belt.  For most this may be overkill, but in high horsepower (big tune, big turbo) applications, using launch control, jumping, or other riding that greatly shock loads the belt, this is the best choice.  This belt will also hold up to 5-10 degree higher temps before coming apart.  One step above the original Stryker belt.
  • See reasons for belt failure and what is covered under warranty HERE
  • See instructions HERE