Billet Wastegate Upgrade Can-Am Maverick X3 by Agency Power



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The wastegate on the Can-Am X3 is an integral part of the turbo system and ECU tuning. A wastegate is designed to stay closed allowing the turbocharger to make boost pressure under throttle. What keeps the turbo from making infinite amount of boost pressure is the wastegate spring. The spring in the wastegate determines when the wastegate will open before the factory boost solenoid takes over. In the ECU program, boost is set to a value that may exceed the wastegate spring. For example, the stock boost pressure of a Can-Am X3 is just under 1 Bar (14.7psi). The wastegate has a crack pressure of around 6psi. So the ECU is controlling the boost solenoid to keep the wastegate shut until it reaches its set pressure than allows it to open.

When running higher boost pressures than stock, it is very common to upgrade the wastegate on a turbocharger to improve the boost response and prevent any potential wastegate leaking. On the Can-Am X3, it has become common practice for some to simply adjust the wastegate preload to change the crack pressure up a couple PSI. For roughly every 1 turn, you get .5psi increase in crack pressure. If you wanted to set your wastegate to crack at 1bar, this is about 16 turns. You can reach a point where you are limiting the wastegate rod travel where the spring is barely functioning. This is why an upgraded wastegate will have a stiffer spring allowing you to keep the wastegate closed with less stress and potential for failure.

The new Agency Power billet aluminum wastegate is the perfect upgrade for your Can-Am X3 turbocharger. The new wastegate features a 1bar spring housed in an 85mm body. This design allows you to easily change springs and service the wastegate if needed.As a direct bolt-on to your factory turbo, the wastegate features an adjustable rod for those that would like to set your crack pressure specifically to your build. Perfect for those looking to get better boost response out of the stock tune, an ECU flashed car, or even a turbo upgrade.

Doing a back to back dyno test, we show how the wastegate improves boost response and performance over the stock wastegate.  Set at 1 full turn in from neutral, the new Agency Power billet wastegate holds 1 psi more than stock gaining you 4hp.


  • Billet Aluminum Design
  • Direct Bolt-On
  • Adjustable Rod
  • Stiffer Spring


  • 2017+ Can-Am X3 Turbo, X3 X DS Turbo R, X3 X RS Turbo R 2 | 4 Door


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