High Flow Air Intake Kit Polaris RZR RS1 by Agency Power



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The Agency Power High Flow Air Intake System for the Polaris RZR RS1 is a great upgrade to help improve air flow from the intake to the engine.  Not only does the intake gain very respectable horsepower, it also improves the drivability through the entire RPM range. The air intake kit features a roto-molded plastic tube design that faces towards the rear of the vehicle.  Each intake includes a Polaris mesh inspired cross brace and our high flow dry filters. The new intake tubes and filters replace the factory intake system that runs to the roof of the RS1.  This new design aids in increased air flow while filtering out more particulates than stock.  As tested on the dyno, Agency Power saw a peak gain of 8 horsepower from just the air intake and an 11 horsepower gain with our custom VR Tuned ECU Flash. The easy modification of adding the Agency Power Air Intake System will help your Polaris RZR RS1 breathe better for greater performance. This simple upgrade is a must have for those running aftermarket roll cages and need an air intake solution.  

The Agency Power cold air intake has been engineered from the ground up to be a direct replacement for the factory Polaris RZR RS1 intake.  Starting from 3D printed components and real world desert testing, each part of the intake has been meticulously thought out to provide performance, longevity, and reliability. The custom high flow Agency Power air filter features a blue mesh design with AP logo end cap. This mesh is made up of synthetic nano-fibers. The dry filter does not need to be oiled as its media has sub-micron diameters and small inter-fiber spaces which result in more contaminants being captured. This filter is reusable allowing you to easily clean it between rides. To further provide the best air quality for off-road use, Agency Power has created an optional custom Outerwear brand pre-filter covers made specifically for the intake filters to be purchased separately. 

The new Agency Power roto-molded tubes replace the factory intake pipe system. The dual roto-molded plastic tubes have been designed not only to enhance the performance of your RS1 but also an easy installation to replace the factory air intake system. Each tube has a smooth inside that helps eliminate any turbulent air flow. The intake tubes get added support from a cross brace that comes in matte black, gloss white or red. The intake tube is designed to be strong and durable as the factory tube allowing it to hold up to the harsh elements. The dual filters mount uniquely on the intake tubes to grab more air and add great styling.


  • Lightweight Roto Molded XLPE Plastic Constructed Tubes
  • Dual Black Intake Tubes
  • Unique Filter Mounting
  • High Flow and Re-Usable Air Filters
  • Gains of 8-11 Horsepower
  • Cross Bar Available in Matte Black, Gloss White and Gloss Red
  • Bolt On
  • Easy Installation


  • 2018+ Polaris RZR RS1


  • For maximum performance, order the VR Tuned ECU Flash as well. 
  • For Extra Filter Protection, Purchase the Agency Power Pre-Filter By Outerwears 
  • Understanding cleaning and filter technology – Read Here

jds 2/2/23