AIM Sports - Infrared Belt Temperature System (IR Temp Gauge)

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UTV Racing is a demanding activity which does really stress every component of your vehicle. Without a doubt, the transmission belt is one of those and it could reach critical temperatures and break down and force you out of the race. Hard high speed riding and rock crawling can also increase temperatures above what a belt is designed for.

This is the reason AiM designed the Infrared Belt Temperature System: a simple and reliable way for monitoring the temperature of the transmission belt of your UTV. Simply back off the throttle when the temperature gets too hot to save your belt. The AiM gauge will alarm and let you know when the high heat condition has occurred. Alarm levels are programable. The graphing function also allows users to see when the high heat occurred.

The kit is composed of a gauge and an infrared sensor. Reliable, easy to install, perfectly visible in every light condition, and it has been designed for working in a hard environment.

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