UTV Belt Temperature Gauge by Alba Racing



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This is the first addition you need to make to your UTV It is simple. Heat is the number 1 killer of a belt. When your belt is too hot slow down let the belt cool to a safe level and get back on it. 

Features: -Greatly decrease your chance of breaking a belt. -This is a complete kit. -2 1/16" gauge. -Easy to install. -Carbon composite case. -High torque electric stepper motor with microprocessor. -Very high quality weatherproof and vibration proof design. -Calibrated for ambient air temperature. -Made with pride in the USA. -Read below for more info.
The third picture is a chart by Gates (the producer of most all CVT belts). The chart shows the relation of ambient air temperature around the belt and belt life. As you can see heat has a huge impact. This is exactly what our Gauge is measuring. Overheating your belt once will effect it for the rest of its shortened life.

We came up with this idea a few years ago while racing the SCORE series in Baja Mexico. These races are up to 1000 miles long in the scorching desert with hundreds of miles of belt shredding silt beds. After breaking 7 belts in a race we started thinking there has to be a way to prevent this. After a conversation with Gates (the worlds number 1 supplier of CVT belts) we realized the number 1 killer of a CVT belt is heat. We then began testing the best way to monitor this heat. We developed this belt temperature gauge and raced in in the 2012 Baja 1000 and took first place finishing the race with the same belt we started the race with. To say this was an improvement is a understatement. Your belt is rubber and when rubber gets hot it weakens. This gauge lets you know when your belt is too hot. It is a tool. You will learn what type of driving creates the heat and what type of driving cools it down the quickest. This is a irreplaceable tool.
This in not some cheap overseas gauge. This is made in the USA with the best quality parts available.

Here are some features of our gauge:

  • High torque electric stepper motor with microprocessor control: This keeps the needle planted where it is supposed to be. No shaking or inaccurate readings here. 
  • Fully sealed weather proof design: No other gauge offers this. We went through a few designs before we were happy here. The front side has 2 silicon seals and the rear has a sealed rubber grommet that fully seals the electronics inside (see pic #2). The gauge face is fog proof as well. 
  • Extended length cables for UTV application: Unlike automobiles where you would mount your gauge only a few feet from the engine a UTV needs a much longer harness. This is because you sensor is mounted way in the rear of the car. Our kits come with the proper length cables needed so you do not need to splice in more wires. 
  • Carbon composite case: This is as strong as it gets. This gauge is bomb proof.