Bikeman Power Vision 3 + Tune-Xpedition


  • $ 524.95

SKU: DJ-PV-Xpedition

DynoJet Power Vision 3 Tuner with BMP Custom Tuning for RZR RS1

Level 1 - 91 Octane 82 RWHP (Stock levels with limiters raised and/or removed)

Level 2 - 91 Octane 92 RWHP (+10 RWHP over stock)  *BMP Exhaust Recommended
All horsepower levels are with the recommended BMP Slip-On Exhaust & BMP Stage 2 Clutch Kit

Baseline for a stock RZR RS1 was 80-82 RWHP

Device Features:

    • Flash performance tunes via OEM diagnostic connector, no need to remove and send out ECU
    • Display vehicle data channels in real-time
    • Weather resistant for use in all conditions
    • High contrast display, visible in direct sunlight
    • For updating tune files or receiving your tune via email you must use PC. Will not work on MAC
  • BMP Performance Tunes:

      • Fueling revised for maximum power and torque - extreme horsepower gains with our highly advanced custom tuning!
      • Spark timing optimized for 91 octane fuel
      • Rev limit raised in high and low gears to 9000 RPM
      • Speed limit raised in high and low gears to 96 MPH
      • Torque limiting functions reduced or eliminated
      • Throttle limiters eliminated
      • Revised drive-by-wire throttle profiles for high and low gears
      • Lower fan turn-on temps of 183 degrees
      • Seat belt limiter disabled
      • Left foot brake mode enable
    • DM/9-12-23