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Our X3 steering rack support bracket takes the guesswork out of eliminating excess play in your steering rack system. This double sheer set up is made from durable 6061-T6 aluminum, anodized in a sleek black finish, as well as redesigned and upgraded to include a bronze piece which replaces the hardened plastic piece that currently comes with the bracket.

Since this piece slides back and forth as you steer, making it out of bronze will make it last much longer, extending product life an estimated 15-20x. Despite the improvements to the design, the price will remain the same –– and anyone who has already purchased the prior version of the bracket can receive the bronze upgrade shipped to them free of charge.

A durable, heavy-duty rack support such as this proves to be an essential upgrade for any serious off-road racer or enthusiast. The rack support increases steering and handling performance, helping to improve responsiveness and reduce the amount of steering input required. With our rack support, you can enjoy a smoother ride with improved steering response and feedback. Getting rid of the excess play with our X3 steering rack support has never been easier.

ecs 4-16-23