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CAN-AM X3 V3 Trailing Arm Guards (fits 72" XRS, MR, and XRC)

Rokblokz TRAILING ARM GUARDS are designed protect the rear end (brakes, suspension, wheels, and trailing arm) components from the incredibly damaging front-tire roost. Especially in rocky or gravel terrain. (Check out desert racers, most use some form of trailing arm rock guard.)

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  • Super durable. You can fold these up to the frame sliding over a big boulder and they'll return to their original shape.
  • Large enough to offer the most protection to the rear end components.
  • Easy install, clamps on trailing arm.

    • Trailing Arm Guard design provides excellent protection from wheel spray off the front wheels to the rear suspension/brake/wheel components. 
    • Light weight and extremely durable, designed to survive the harshest environments from the extreme heat to the extreme cold.
    • Won't crack or warp from temperature extremes.
    • Flexible but with a semi-rigid characteristic that allows them to retain their shape at speed and effectively block tire spray.
    • Proprietary formulation specifically designed with the characteristics that make the best trailing arm guards! 
    • Stainless Steel and rust resistant mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions included.
    • Trailing Arm Guards available in BLACK, LIME GREEN, RED, BRIGHT BLUE, DEEP BLUE, PURPLE, WHITE, or ORANGE.

    Rokblokz Trailing Arm Guards are CNC laser cut from a proprietary material specifically engineered to endure the harshest environments. The unique blend of polymers in our mud flaps give them the specific characteristics that make them highly effective at protecting your machine. The combination of extreme durability, flexibility, light weight, and rigidity allow the guards to hold their shape at speed and block the most damaging kind of tire spray. Superior polymer material allows them to bend, flex, give, and even scrape and drag in the harshest environments of extreme heat to extreme cold.


    TRAILING  ARM GUARDS come in full sets of 2 guards, stainless steel and rust resistant mounting hardware, and mounting instructions.

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