Can-Am X3 Gauge Mount for AIM or Razorback (2017-2019)


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Can-Am X3 Bent Cluster Mount

Fits 2017-2019 CanAm X3 (except 2019 XRC see 2020 gauge mounts)

Note: Not all 2019 X3 machines have the new dash. If your dash looks like this the 2017-2019 gauge mount will fit.



Price $20.00

This is our new gauge mounting option for the Can-Am X3's. It features a bent angle to give you a better view of your gauge while driving, giving you that "cockpit" feel. We offer these mounts in one or two gauge versions and also, left or right hand mounts. These are for 2 1/16" gauge cups. Using a combination of any of these gives you 1-4 gauge mounting options on your X3. 


For example: If you have 3 gauges to be mounted, you could get a single left hand mount and a dual right hand mount giving you three total mounting points. If you wanted 2 gauges you could get two single mounts(one right and one left) or one dual mount on either the left or right side. If you have 4 gauges you need both left and right dual mounts.

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ecs 6-28-22