ePowersteering ECU HEAT SINK

ePowersteering ECU HEAT SINK

Epower Steering

  • $ 65.00

Shipping ONLY $9.99 in the Lower 48 States

Can Am X3 ePowersteering Kit HEAT SINK

Reduce or eliminate steering fade on your ePowersteering kit.

Heat sink is a bolt on option.

Comes with:

  • Heat Sink
  • Heat Sink Compound
  • Tap to make threads into the existing ECU holes
  • Bolts to mount ECU to your ePowersteering ECU

Install tips in order of priority (it is all about getting heat away from the ECU):

  • Remove paint from ECU where the heat sink makes contact
  • Apply heat sink compound between surfaces of ECU & Heat Sink
  • Remove paint from mounting bracket and ECU and apply heat sink compound
  • Tighten all bolts as tight as possible without breaking the bolts
  • Weld ECU bracket to the tube instead of clamping
  • Re-tighten bolts after several heat cycles if needed or steering fade re-occurs