CAN AM X3 OIL CATCH CAN by Aftermarket Assassins


Aftermarket Assassins

  • $ 169.00
  • Save $ 6

  • This oil catch can is a must have for any X3, and especially anyone running higher boost pressures.  What happens is the more boost you run, the more crank case pressure is created.  Your factory crank case vent is routed back into the intake tube.  With more crank case pressure and more suction from the turbo, oil will start to be pulled from the bottom end and enter the intake tract.  This is not good for sensors, or good to burn the oil from a performance standpoint.  Going with our closed loop catch can design will basically eliminate the oil entering your intake.
  • Fits 2017-Up X3 Turbo Models including 120hp base, 154hp base, 172hp base & 195hp RR
  • USA made in house specifically for the X3
  • Closed loop design is much better than an open filter as it keeps dirt/water out
  • Closed loop design also uses the intake suction to create a negative crank case pressure for better power and lower crank case pressure
  • No AN type fittings, any catch can using these fittings restricts flow and will increase crank case pressure
  • Baffled internally to keep oil from sloshing
  • Mounts to the frame rail with the larger supplied clamps
  • Easily installs in about 10 minutes
  • Drain valve to empty the catch can

Shipping only $14.99 with in the lower 48 states.

jds 1/27/23