Front Sway Bar Kit RZR XP 1000 By Shock Therapy


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Will not fit if your car has a factory front sway bar you need the one for an XP Turbo.

XP Turbo Link 

Feel Free to give us a call to make sure you have the correct one!

Our new, highly tested, front anti sway bars are in stock and ready to ship.  This front sway bar system is completely BOLT ON. No welding at all. FRONT BUMPER IS NOT NEEDED. It is infinitely adjustable with 3 settings on the bar itself as well as moving the arm clamp up and down the arm for fine tuning too. We have over 2500 miles on this system in desert, rock and dune conditions with the prototype system. This does not count the many short course and desert races this system has seen on multiple race team’s UTV’s. This front sway bar system was designed and built specifically for the XP.  This is the first and ONLY completely bolt on system that requires no welding or the purchase of any other parts to mount it. If you would like to eliminate the front end sway and dive when cornering then this is for you. The advantages are undeniable. See the video below.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Less front end body roll
  • More high speed stability
  • Higher corner speeds
  • Four wheel drifts in the right terrain
  • Less tendency to pick the inside, rear tire off the ground in a turn
  • Faster lap times
  • Beat your friends!


  • Less suspension independence in serious rock crawling
  • In this scenario we recommend disconnecting a sway bar link for the day and re-attach it when your done.


You must specify if you have aftermarket lower A arms and what tubing diameter they are for the billet clamps to fit!


Installation of this kit takes about one hour and is easy to do. If you have a winch on your XP, we have a universal winch plate that you can use with this sway bar kit to attach any winch you may already have. We have billet arm clamps in the stock size of 1" as well as 1.1" and 1.25" to work with aftermarket arms and long travel kits. Remember there is NO WELDING, NO front bumpers or clearance issues to deal with in this system. BOLT ON.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we have racing it.

This Kit Fits:

RZR XP 1000
RZR XP4 1000

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JDS 12/19/2022