EMP - Can-Am Maverick Sport & Trail Cooler Brackets (Ozark 26 Cooler/Wal-Mart)


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  • $ 69.99

Can-Am Maverick Sport and Trail Cooler Bracket Set.

Fits: 2018-22 Can-Am Maverick Trail (50" wide model)and 2019-22 Maverick Sport and Maverick Sport MAX(4 seat version)

 P/N: 14561


  • Allows you to mount an Ozark 26 High Performance Cooler to your cargo bed (Does not include the cooler).
  • Allows you to open the cooler Lid.
  • Laser Cut and CNC Formed to insure a perfect fit.
  • Installs in minutes without cutting or drilling.
  • Powder Coated.
  • Made In USA.

Hard mount a cooler to the back of your Can-Am Maverick Sport or Trail with this bracket set. This bracket set is made for the Ozark Trail 26 Quart Cooler from Wal-Mart UPC (6128252391)

Here is link to the Cooler from Walmart.

Ozark 26 High Performance Cooler


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