EMP Kawasaki KRX DUAL COLOR 40" LED Light Bar Kit (Plug and Play) Green and White

EMP - Extreme Metal Products

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SKU: 14056-14627

    • Fits: 2020-2023 KRX® and KRX®4
    • Plug and Play Wiring (no cutting or Splicing)
    • 40" DUAL Color LED Light Bar (Green and White).
    • Brite Double Row Combo Beam: Spot Beam and Flood Beam.
    • White=19200 Lumen, Green=14400 Lumen
    • Brackets are powder coated to match factory Texture Black.
  • Two Way Switch Matches the stock KRX switches.
  • Install in less than 45 minutes.
  • Water Proof Rating: IP67, Approval CE/RoHS
  • Includes: Light Bar, USA Made Brackets and Wiring Harness.
  • Ships from Cleveland Ohio.